DiceShaker D&D 1.4.3


Full set of D&D 3D dice always in your pocket!

DiceShaker D&D is a 3D RPG dice roller app with realistic graphics and advanced physics. It contains a full set of polyhedral dice for role-playing game sessions.

"Incredible physics and feel"
- Android Police

Works on Honeycomb tablets (Xoom, Asus Transformer, ..)!

- d4, d6, d8, d10, d12 and d20 RPG dice, including percentage dice
- shake the phone or tap the screen to roll the dice, or flick the dice individually
- switch between five separate dice screens
- realistic graphics and physics - tilt the phone upside down and the dice fall on the glass
- total score

Does not currently support Galaxy S2.

Requires a high-end phone such as Nexus One, HTC Desire/Incredible, Droid or anything faster. Try the DiceShaker 3D Free to test compatibility (it only has regular dice though).

Does *not* currently work on:
* Samsung Intercept
* Galaxy 3 / Taos
* Galaxy Transform

Internet permission is used for anonymous statistics collection, which can be disabled from the app's preferences.

E-mail bug reports and feature suggestions to info@pallosalama.com.

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